The Objective of this Directorate is to manage the Human resources and administrative functions in the Office of Treasury Registrar.



  1. To provide expertise and services on human resources management and administration Office;
  2. To review regularly the Office of Treasury Registrar’s human resource policies;
  3. To coordinate recruitment procedures, remuneration, performance appraisals, promotions, staff welfare, motivation, training needs assessment, terminations, benefits and disciplinary matters;
  4. To ensure Treasury Registrar staff rules and regulations manuals are understood and followed;
  5. To interpret public service regulations; standing order, Labour laws and regulations and ensure that they are adhered to implementation;
  6. To ensure that there is industrial harmony in the Office of Treasury Registrar and that all disputes are settled immediately and appropriately;
  7. To ensure the Office has sound service delivery reward system and remuneration policies, processes and procedures that attract, retain and motivate employees;
  8. To provide advice on human resource development, performance management and career management to the Office;
  9. To establish and manage personnel data base and proper records of Office;
  10. To provide advice on administrative and human resource matters;
  11. To provide management services and organization development;
  12. To promote employee relations and welfare including health, safety sports and culture;
  13. To coordinate the preparation of personal emoluments.
  14. To processing terminal benefits and leave;
  15. To coordinate implementation of policies on cross-cutting issues including gender, disability, and HIV/AIDS;
  16. To advise on organizational efficiency; and
  17. To handle protocol issues.