The Objective of this Directorate is to monitor performance of Public Institutions and statutory corporations and develop mechanisms for continuous improvement of their performance and productivity.


  1. To advise the Government on matters concerning restructuring, establishment and disestablishment of public and statutory corporations;
  2. To supervise transfer of share certificates, titles and other securities in divested public and statutory corporations;
  3. To monitor and review performance of Public and Statutory Corporations;
  4. To monitor the compliance of share sale agreements between the Government and investors on divested public and statutory corporations;
  5. To provide advice to the Government on restructured public and statutory corporations;
  6. To monitor and evaluate the performance of the restructured public and statutory corporations.
  7. To verify the investments portfolio reports from PISCs and advice accordingly.
  8. To carry out monitoring and evaluation of the Office of the Treasury Registrar activities and targets;
  9. To prepare Treasury Registrar’s office   contributions to the Budget Speech and Annual Economic Report;
  10. To institutionalize strategic for research, planning, budgeting and monitoring and evaluation skills in the Treasury Registrar’s office;
  11. To coordinate review of Treasury Registrar’s office policies, update them and ensure consistency with national policies;
  12. To review and advise on policy papers prepared by other Public Institutions;
  13. To prepare memoranda of understanding for projects/ programs for international financing;
  14. To coordinate all parliamentary issues;
  15. To compile Treasury Registrar’s projects, work plans, research and monitor implementation; and

xvi. To develop strategies for research and resource mobilization.