TR A.S.Mbuttuka ver1

Mr. Athumani S. Mbuttuka


Ladies and Gentlemen,

Greetings and warmly Welcome!

First of all I wish to thank you for giving The Office of the Treasury Registrar (OTR) the opportunity to serve you, and also to show you, our valued citizens, what we are capable of in terms of service and supervision of the Public and Statutory Corporation`s (PISC`s). Sit back and relax as we make you feel the status of succession our money we invest in various privatised and established PISC`s.

Briefly, The OTR was established under the Treasury Registrar Ordinance No.35 of 1959 (Cap. 418). For adopting the mandates and various ammendments that had been made over time the Treasury Registrar (Powers and Functions) Act Cap.370 (R. E. 2002) came into play. This Act was further ammended by act No.10 of 2011 with view to give the Office a corporate personality and further powers as overseer of Public and Statutory Corporations.

The Office performs three core functions, namely Oversight, Custodianship and Advisory. As a custodian, the OTR is responsible for holding all investments comprised of the paid up capital of public and statutory corporations as well as private investments in which the Government owns shares or interests, in trust for the President and for the purposes of the Government. As an Oversight Organ, the OTR is responsible for among others, issuing Circulars which represent directives on various issues including financial management and other operational guidelines. As advisory organ, the OTR render advice to the Government on various matters pertaining to performance of PISC’s.

The changed status of the Office from a Department within the Ministry of Finance and Planning to an autonomous entity with a view of speeding up decision-making thus has brought new challenges and has expanded the responsibilities of the Treasury Registrar, hence making it necessary to establish and introduce this active and updated website for The Office of the Treasury Registrar.

Considering the Tanzania Five Year Development Plan 2015/16-2020/21, Vision 2025, Ruling Party Election Manifesto of 2015, and National Strategy for Growth and Reduction of Poverty (NSGRP) Phase Three and other National Policies and Planning Frameworks, OTR aims at achieving the following objectives: Optimizing Economic and Social returns from Public Investments; Improving Financial Management and Accountability in Public Institutions and Statutory Corporations; Improving Resource Mobilization, Allocation and Utilization in Public Institutions and Statutory Corporations; Improving Performance of Public and Statutory Corporations; Improving Stakeholder Consultation, Communication and Participation; Improving Staff performance and service delivery; Enhanced Implementation of National Anti-Corruption Strategy and reduced Corruption incidences; and Reducing HIV/AIDS infections and improving Supportive Services.

However, it is important to note that, the successful implementation of the OTR roles and duties depends on every one being committed in performing the requisite roles in order to contribute effectively to the achievement of the set goals and objectives.

In fact; faith, cooperation with various aid you give us as an entity a great strength to carry out our various roles you have assigned us cheerfuly and in good intentions thus gives us sincere and condusive environment in achieving the goals on the Strategic Plan of the medium and long term.

With the introduction, OTR has established an updated independent website (you are browsing now) from the formerly site of the Ministry of Finance and Planning in which the Office of the Treasury Registrar (OTR) grew implementing its obligations as a department within the Ministry in order to provide assurance that the OTR will deliver the necessary services to its customers as expected.

In the above context, allow me on behalf of the Management and all Staff of the OTR as an independent entity, take this opportunity to officially introduce to you this website ( which outlines general information, the activities we perform, the OTR Goals and Objectives, Vision, Mission, OTR Strategies, Performance Reports, Challenges we come across, the Investment climate, Privatisation situation, how customers can access the OTR services and other necessary icons so that you can browse within to gain information, knowledge and communication as per publications uploaded in it for the benefit of the nation and the world in general.

In fact, the cooperation and support that you give us, gives us power and strength on implementing various tasks assigned to and thus gives a condusive environment to meet the goals on all the plans.

So to say, the OTR is committed to providing quality services using its well trained and supportive staff, and is continuously striving to develop and maintain a transparent and accountable culture by reporting periodicaly to its clients and other key stakeholders as a way to continuously improve on service delivery. In order for it to be effective, this website will be a living site, which is a product and the embodiment of a good working relationship that the OTR will endeavor to maintain its clients, stakeholders and staff.

It is our hope that clients, stakeholders and the public as whole will make use of the website and all other mechanisms provided within the site to provide feedback which we will use to measure our performance against our service standards.

In that respect therefore and while its not possible to mention everyone by name, OTR wishes to acknowledge the support and contribution from all of you in providing inputs for the plan of activities to implement, and in particular we thank; the Ministry of Finance (MoF), MDA, Development partners and PFMRP Secretariat for their continued support and valuable comments.

The Office of the TR also wishes to express its gratitude to Members of the Parliamentary Committee for Finance & Economic Affairs for their, advice and guidance which provided valuable input to, not only the plan process but also to the changed status of The office of the Treasury Registrar.

Lastly, but not least; the OTR wishes to acknowledge the cooperation, services and valuable comments we receive from stakeholders. It is our expectations that the cooperation accorded to us will continue for successful implementation of the OTR activities and duties. So, I insist on my request to all stakeholders of OTR to fulfill the obligations in the implementation of the responsibilities and all activities of The Office of the Treasury Registrar.

Thank you.

Treasury Registrar