1. Amendments of Treasury Registrar (Powers and Functions) Act, CAP 370 as in 2010;
  2. Approval of the new OTR Organisation Structure in 2010;
  3. Establishment of Treasury Registrar Management Information System (TRIMS);
  4. Increase in capital investments to the PISC’s from 7.8 trillion in 2009/10 to 14 trillion in 2012/13;
  5. A total of 8 circulars and Guidelines were issued to PISC’s of which 7 were for salary circular and 1 was for responsibility allowance  circular;
  6. Improvement in non-tax revenue collections in terms of dividend and remittance contributions from PISC’s and the trend is shown hereunder;
    1. Analysis and provision of appropriate recommendations to PISC’s on Audited Accounts, Budget and Quarterly Reports annually;
    2. As at 2013 OTR has conducted 10 management audit to various PISC’s for the assessing the level of compliance for the requirements of OTR;
    3. Provision of advice to Government on various issues including appointment of Board Members of PISC’s;
    4. As at March, 2013 OTR has finalized the analysis and approval reviews and approval of the following documents: 27 Schemes of Service; 9 Organization Structure; 12 financial regulations and 21 Staff Regulations; Salary structure; 4 Voluntary Agreements and Incentive Package Schemes for PISC’s annually.