Themes & Objectives

First Theme: Foster Non-tax Revenue Contribution:

  1. Strategic Objective 1A: Increase Collection and Management of Non-tax revenue from Public Institution and Statutory Corporations

Second Theme: Enhance Governance Framework and Effectiveness of OTR’s Supervisory Role:

  1. Strategic Objective 2A: Oversight of Privatized Entities, Public Institutions and Statutory Corporations Strengthened;
  2. Strategic Objective 2B: Resource Mobilization and Financial Sustainability of OTR and PISC’s Improved;
  3. Strategic Objective 2C: Strengthened OTR Operational Capacity and Efficient;
  4. Strategic Objective 2D: Communication and Public Awareness of OTR Improved;
  5. Strategic Objective 2E: HIV/AIDS Infections Reduced and Supportive Services Improved;
  6. Strategic Objective 2F: National Anti-Corruption Strategy and Action Plan enhanced and sustained.

Third Theme: Promote Investment of State Owned Enterprises:

  1. Strategic Objective 3A: Management, accountability and productivity Performance of Public and Statutory Corporation Improved.